FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ – General:

Q: Will the tests I buy or your website name appear on my credit/debit card?

No. Your credit/debit charges will appear as “Intelifi” for all purchases. No other details will be disclosed.


FAQ – Cocaine:

Q: Does your cocaine drug test kit test for cocaine AND crack cocaine?

Yes, our 1 Panel COC test will indicate the presence of both Cocaine or crack cocaine use.

Q: What are the detection periods for cocaine?

Our test has a detection period of up to 2 to 4 days after use; heightened by the fact that our urine test detects benzoyleogonine rather than cocaine itself. This is an advantage as benzoyleogonine stays in the system longer than cocaine itself.

Q: What are the street names of cocaine?

Liquid lady, crack, coke, blow, flake, toot, snow, nose candy etc.

Q: What does cocaine look like?

White in color, the drug could be in form of powder, solid white rock, salts and leaf infusions. Crack cocaine on the other hand is usually a white rock and is considered the smokable cocaine.

Q: How is cocaine taken/injected into the body?

Oral consumption, needle injection, snorting through the nose, inhaling as smoke, applied to oral, rectal and vaginal mucous membranes; and chewed as leaves. Crack cocaine is solely inhaled by smoking.

Q: What are the short term effects of cocaine use?

Dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, increased mental alertness, decreased appetite, increased energy

Q: What are the possible withdrawal symptoms if I stop using cocaine?

Cravings, irritability, increased appetite, fatigue, depression which can eventually result in suicide.


FAQ – Amphetamines:

Q: What are Amphetamines?

Amphetamines are stimulants used to produce alertness and focus in the subject user; hence they are also called uppers.

Q: What is the mode of ingestion of Amphetamines?

These uppers can be taken into the system via oral ingestion or snorting through the nostrils.

Q: How accurate is the Drug Abuse Control 1-Panel Amp test?

The test has a guaranteed detection accuracy of 99%.

Q: After how long can I get the results?

In just 5 minutes, the results will be displayed on the dip card. 


FAQ – Marijuana:

Q: How long does marijuana stay in your urine?

For an infrequent user, who might smoke marijuana once every two months or so; the thc (metabolity found in marijuana) will clear out of their system in a week or a week and a half. For the frequent users, however, the duration of thc remaining in your system is longer because the thc metabolities are stored in the fat; like calories. Therefore if a person is smoking frequently, the body will have more than it can flush out of the system hence storing the surplus in the fat cells. Basically, marijuana can be detected in urine for a pretty long time; up to two months or more.

Please note that a urine test takes quite some time to detect marijuana in the urine. Ideally, the time taken for the detection varies with everyone depending on certain physical aspects such as metabolism and weight. Ideally though, after taking the drug, give it a couple of hours say 2-5; for the drug to kick into the system before attempting a marijuana urine test.

Q: Will I test positive on my test if I only took one hit, tried it once, etc?

The result will actually very much depend on how much marijuana you took. If it was enough to get you high or get you feeling some effects, then yes; it is likely that the traces in your system will be detectable via a marijuana urine test. Good news though, is that for a new user; or a one-time user, rather, the detection time is short; say a week or thereabout.

Q: Can secondhand marijuana smoke affect a THC drug test?

No. Secondhand marijuana smoke does not get assimilated into one’s system and so even if you are in an enclosed space with the smoker, the smoke will not affect your system.

Q: Will this test pick out k2, spice, or synthetic marijuana compounds?

No. This marijuana urine test will not pick up synthetic marijuana. For a wider perspective on how to test for those compounds, read "Spice: What Is It, And Can It Be Tested?"

Q: How does the test work?

In the marijuana urine test, the two main components involved are: the antibody and the drug-protein conjugate both present on the marijuana test card. In the absence of high enough traces of THC in the urine sample, a reaction occurs between the two major components and a colored lone appears in the test region; indicative of negative results.

If the levels of THC are high enough in the urine, it prevents a reaction between the marijuana antibody and the drug-protein conjugate from mixing; hence no reaction and no line. This indicates positive results for presence of marijuana in the system.

Q: How is marijuana taken?

With methods ranging from brewing the drug as you would tea; or mixing it in food; or smoking it either rolled in blunts; cigars or stuffed in pipes; there are many ways of ingesting the drug.

Q: What are the behaviors of someone under the influence of marijuana?

Marijuana effects everyone differently. Common signs are slowed than normal thinking and reaction time, impaired balance, euphoria, confusion, increased appetite, excessive laughter and possibly fatigue.

Q: Should I buy a marijuana urine test?

Of course! It is simple, inexpensive, can be done at home or office and gives very accurate results.  


FAQ – Benzodiazepines:

Q: What are Benzodiazepines?

These are prescription drugs intended to act as depressants and calm the body as well as the nervous system.

Q: What are some common names/prescriptions of Benzodiazepines?

Xanax, Valium, Librium, Ativan, Halcyon, Diazepam, Klonopin.

Q: What is the test’s drug detection period?

3 to 7 days. The test will indicate whether the drug has been consumed within this period.

Q: Does the 1 Panel Benzodiazepine test go by any other names?

Yes. Xanax drug test or Valium drug test are more commonly used names as they display more familiarity as opposed to the term ‘ Benzodiazepines’.

Q: How accurate is this test?

The 1 Panel Benzodiazepine test has an accuracy of about 99%.


FAQ – Oxycodone:

Q: Will oxycodone show up on an opiates drug test?

It might but it is not always guaranteed that it will. Reason for this is that the compounds oxycodone metabolizes into are similar to but are not morphine. Therefore at times a positive might read and at times, it won’t.

Q: Will poppy seeds show up in the 1 panel Opiates test?

The cut off level set on this test ensures that poppy seeds cannot read on the results. We cannot however, entirely eliminate the possibility of a false positive showing and so as a precaution; refrain from ingesting poppy seeds several days before the test is done.

Q: How soon can I get the results.

Within 5 minutes the display panel will show results.

Q: How reliable is this 1 Panel Opiates test?

Our test has an accuracy of 95% and is FDA 510K cleared so we would say it is pretty reliable as a drug test.