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Our Family Therapist


Dear Ambitious Parent and Gaurdian,

As a Marriage & Family Therapist, I would like to take this time to recognize and appreciate all the steps you have taken on preventing substance abuse. I sympathize that you or your loved one have struggled with this unfortunate disease. However, I applaud you for taking action.

Home drug testing tactics provide results for parents or gaurdians to take immediate action, cutting away from critical time for early onsets of addiction. Often times, these tests can also provide feelings of relief. Home drug testing can lower anxiety producing behaviors in the home by giving you instant and accurate results.

It is unfortunate the grade which substance abuse has spread in our cities. We are here to guide you through the beginning stages of drug abuse, and to the first and last degrees of the horrific disease substance abuse dependency that may occur.

Lastly, I would encourage you to seek professional therapy to find the deep roots of you or your loved ones disease. My research in Co-Occurring disorders has shown a large correlation between psychological severities and substance abuse. Genetic factors can definitely take a toll on addiction, however many psychological aspects can influence the severity of substance use. Again, I thank you and recognize the effort you have put to save you or your loved ones life.

Rodney Rabbani

MFTI 76380